In our opinion a very special service.

We come to your premises and give a class to you regarding the optimal handling of our products. At a several hours lasting dialogue we are asking the current status and we, based on best-practice and our knowledge, give a presentation, hand over print outs and if possible show you our hands-on mentality on your equipment, how to use our products. Some days after the training you receive a written conclusion to see what we found out and what may could be done better.



Mit freundlicher Genehmigung eines Kunden und des Ofenherstellers ALD, haben wir ein Video erstellt über den Einbau von Schmelztiegeln in einen VIM-Ofen.


Ask for the link to watch the video by Email or Contact.



The detailed Engineering-Guide takes you through the complete process from choosing the right material via installation and use to failure analysis of crucibles.


Ask for the file by Email or Contact.