The properties of our products will be increasingly needed in more and more applications in order to create new processes or to optimize the existing. This challenges us permanently to develop new materials for new products, which will partly be used in new applications. Here we would like to present our most recent developments. Please feel encouraged to find constantly new challenges for us.

MgO PSZ CIM Feedstock

MgO PSZ CIM Feedstock

We at Zircoa GmbH, a subsidiary of US parent company Zircoa Inc., are proud to announce that we have released our first ceramic feedstock based on magnesium oxide partially stabilized zirconia (MgO PSZ) for ceramic injection molding (CIM). While Zircoa primarily manufactures zirconia refractory products used in high-temperature applications, the company also has a well-established portfolio of advanced zirconia ceramics.


The feedstock offers the chance to transfer the well-known material properties of Zircoa’s Composition 1876 components to ceramic injection molding process.

It is a material that is well known and has already established itself as the basis for many technical ceramic components manufactured by Zircoa.


The new product is designed for use in the production of high-performance ceramics for a wide range of industrial applications, like:

·         wear parts,

·         battery tools,

·         fluid flow control,

·         oil field supply,

·         electrical,

·         machine parts,

·         grinding blanks for machinery,

·         sensors,

·         spray nozzles, and

·         valve linings.



We believe that our new MgO PSZ feedstock will have a significant impact on the ceramics industry, and we are excited to see the many ways in which our customers will use it to improve their products.

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Our engineered ceramic materials, based on Zircoa's own, in-house manufactured zirconia powder, have several beneficial characteristics, as being:

·         wear resistant,

·         corrosion resistant,

·         impact resistant,

·         high temperature resistant,

·         fracture resistant, and

·         withstand the harshest liquid and gaseous environments.



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