What are we doing in machinery and plant engineering?


More and more metallic materials are replaced by ceramics. In fact the real challenge is to combine the properties of metal and ceramics in order to create in the end a better product.


One example are the mud pumps in the oil industry:
With these pumps the drilling fluid, a mixture of water, bentonit, etc, is pressed into the drill hole. The piston liners are under extrem stress by abrasion and corrosion from the particles in the fluid. Using ceramic mud pump liners in those pumps the lifetime is much higher (1 or 2 repair tasks instead of 12 per year). This is very important especially at off-shore oil-rigs, where any off-time is extremely expensive.


We manufacture mud pump liners out of dense fine grain zirconia including machining according to your drawing or supply blanks to be machined at your facility.