Steel Flow Control Systems

Tundish Metering Nozzles

Slide Gate Inserts for Ladle or Tundish 

Zirconia solutions for steel mills and

flow control system manufacturers  

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Consistent Casting Speeds


Erosion and Corrosion Resistance to Optimize Operations

Longer Operation at Peak Performance


Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance

Tailored Solutions



Unrivaled Zirconia Material Portfolio

Complex and Unique Shape Capability

Preserve Safety and Optimize Efficiency 


Do Not Sacrifice Operator Safety



Inferior and/or inconsistent product increases risk of catastrophic failure 

Casting Sequence Flexibility to Maintain Continuous Operations


Material solutions for average, moderate, and extended service life 

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We Understand the Importance of Reliability

We Value the Opportunity of Cooperative Innovation


We Focus Our Mission Statement on Your Needs to


Deliver What Matters

Trusted by leading companies worldwide

Here’s How It Works:


Describe your goals to your expert



- longer nozzle life

- shorter lead times

Select design and material options to meet those goals


Variety of existing designs and compositions for quick trial options

Optimize Your Castor




Zircoa manufactures hundreds of thousands of flow control components for the global steel industry

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