The Company
In 1952, in the fires of a box kiln, within what was once an old Cleveland Police Department horse barn, a new refractory was created. A combination of raw materials, engineering, chemistry, research and finance were successfully combined and transformed to answer the special needs of a customer. In the process, a new company was also created — Zirconium Corporation of America, which was later to become Zircoa, Inc.

Zircoa relocated to Solon, Ohio / USA in 1953, and remains there today. Over the past 45 years they have continued to grow their the facility continued to grow, now occupying almost 3 acres. Company ownership changed several times throughout its history. In 2010 Zircoa became a privately owned corporation. They are committed to keep manufacturing companies and jobs in Northeast Ohio, with leadership in material technology and manufacturing practices that are globally competitive.


With the formation of Zircoa GmbH in 2012, replacing Didier/RHI as its representative for many of Zircoa’s products to EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Zircoa has established a firm beachhead for its new initiatives in that area.


Zircoa GmbH is seeking additional associated advanced ceramic product lines to supplement its core offerings.