Carbon Black - reactor lining

With our variety of pressed and cast shapes in different zirconia based compositions, we are able to design the hot face refractories according to any reactor shape for temperatures beyond 2.100 °C / 3,800 °F

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Carbon Black reactors are one of the harshest and highest-temperature applications that exist, pushing refractory technology and engineering their limits. 

With temperatures reaching 3,800 °F / 2.100 °F and beyond, product selection is based on a careful balance of longevity and cost, with the main destructive mechanism being temperature.

The extreme temperatures and atmospheres in a carbon black reactor require special attention to refractory product choice, as well as lining design as a whole.  Zircoa in cooperation with our partners offer custom-sized shapes to fit complex geometries such as chokes and incorporate various thermal methodologies to maintain optimal lining stability while reducing energy loss and shell temperatures.